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Discover a new way to make new business contacts and expand your customer base. 

Join these businesses and many more across our network.

Active professional networking is vital to both your business and career growth.

4Business Group Networking, an initiative of 4Business Group, is built out of the recognition that networking is about building long-term relationships and a good reputation for your company in the Brisbane business community.

So, we want to help.

We look to foster a community that links people who can assist one another, build trust and support, refer new business, and ultimately grow using our extensive pre-existing business database.

Strengthen your business connections with 4Business Group Networking today.

Networking is about sharing, forming trust and helping one another in the Brisbane business community. We provide the opportunity for regular engagement with our contacts via our website and regularly scheduled in-person catch-ups.

Find opportunities and strengthen your business relationships at our monthly Friday evening drinks and make use of an opportunity to sow the seeds of reciprocal assistance to help achieve your goals. Best of all, membership is completely FREE. It has never been easier to get involved and grow with the bustling Brisbane business community.

Raise your profile in the Brisbane business community.

Visibility is a benefit of networking and essential to building your brand and business. 4Business Group, in collaboration with four business partners from varying sectors throughout the business community, offers a chance to extend your reach significantly.

Regularly attending our professional events will help make your face known while also creating value for other attendees. Build your reputation and expand your contacts to open doors to new opportunities for your business.

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Develop long-lasting personal relationships.

The goal of networking is to develop and nurture professional relationships; you may even find some long-standing friendships as well! The networking contacts available at 4Business Group Networking events are like-minded people with similar goals to advance the success of the Brisbane business community.

The benefits of 4Business Group Networking membership.

Register to join 4Business Group Networking and reap the benefits today.

Take advantage of the extensive business database that 4Business Group has created over years of successful clientele and business partnerships. This combined with the contacts of our four partners means you have access to one of the most updated and extensive business directories in Brisbane.

Consider networking another arm to your marketing strategy and get involved in the business community today. After all, membership is completely free, so you have nothing to lose! Expand your business and personal reach today, and we’ll see you for a drink at our next monthly event soon!

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