The Benefits.

The act of professional networking is very important if you want to spread the name or your business and personal profile in professional circles. It can also lead to significant customer growth. 4Business Group Networking is an initiative of the 4Business Group, a company with a very broad client list that they are now opening up to the benefit of all business owners in Brisbane.

Build long-term relationships in the Brisbane business community with the help of access to our extensive pre-existing business database. Together, we can all grow and thrive!

Why should you be interested?

Networking is the key to helping one another in the Brisbane business community. Be it via our free online database or regular engagement at monthly in-person catch-ups, the time you put into having a presence in the community will ultimately be fruitful for your company.

Strengthening your business relationships leads to reciprocal assistance from Brisbane business community leaders. The next big shift for your company could easily be the result of a connection or collaboration with another like-minded business owner that you have met over a drink at one of our catch-ups.

It’s time to move offline.

Visibility online is great, but it can become tiresome and fleeting at the end of a long working day. How often do you tend to your personal LinkedIn page? There is a benefit to face-to-face networking that helps develop real relationships while giving you a little time away from the screen!

Attending a 4Business Group Networking catch-up offers a chance to extend your reach, make your face known, build your reputation and possibly even make some new friends! Wind down at our next monthly Friday drinks, have some fun, and meet some people who can help your business grow.

About 4Business Group: Why we hold the keys to business networking in Brisbane

For over 20 years, 4Business Group has partnered with Brisbane-based clients to provide a small and medium-sized business marketing management service. Today, their client list features some of Brisbane’s fastest-growing companies.

Couple this with four equally-sized partners across various sectors of the Brisbane community, and you have the most extensive business access possible. That is exactly what 4Business Networking is; a culmination of Brisbane business leaders who are working to help other company owners thrive.

Join 4Business Group Networking and extend your reach today.

The extensive business database held by the 4Business Group and associates is now available for you to join and take advantage of. As we grow, we will build the biggest business directory in Brisbane.

Networking and getting involved in the business community are to your benefit. The best part? Membership is completely free, so expand your business and personal reach and join us at our next monthly event. We’re excited to get to know you and your business!

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