How to Feel Good About Networking

Why Networking Might Make you Feel Bad

Every professional understands the benefits of networking. The connections! What possibilities await you! But a significant number just can’t bring themselves to do it. So, if you’re in the “networking makes me feel sick” group, it may appear difficult to alter your viewpoint.

The sort of networking people engage in has a significant impact. People are ashamed of transactional networking-Networking to get something fast, such as a job or an investment rather than making friends through it.

Also, youngsters who are just out of college or in their first jobs feel worse about networking than senior workers. One possible explanation is that since junior employees have fewer connections and resources to give to others, they felt like “takers” since they worried they would never be able to return the favor.

It’s not that networking is the problem. It’s just that no one wants to be seen as a user.

Know What You Can Bring to the Table

When you’re the junior party in a networking equation, it might seem difficult to solve the problem. The other individual knows more people, has greater financial resources and more influence than you do. Nothing is going to alter in the near future. What could you possibly give them that they would want? It’s not clear-but it’s critical to think creatively and figure it out.

It’s also beneficial to consider how you might assist-because in your field, that individual may be constantly more connected or powerful, but you may have information or status in another area.

Don’t Ask for Anything for a While

Try not to ask for any favours for at least a year. Naturally, this does not imply you cannot invite someone out for dinner or to a gathering. The goal of developing relationships is to get to know someone, after all. The ban applies only to requests that need political capital-that is, right away. 

Instead, I think we should avoid asking for favors until a connection is well-established and your relationship with them is truly established as a genuine friendship. By that time, your friend may even offer help or connections-because that’s what friends do.

Invest in Memberships

The greatest approach to feel more at ease about networking is to see people as peers rather than supplicants. And you can do that particularly well if you’re someone’s peer.

A lot of people think that the best method to meet a lot of individuals is to join a variety of groups-alumni chapters, professional organizations, civic committees, employee resource groups, and the like.

If you’re aiming for quantity, this is a good idea. However, if you’re optimizing for quality, it’s far better to join fewer organizations and delve deeper.

Take charge of your career by becoming a leader and engaging with other members to connect.

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