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4BG Networking’s First Event

4BG Networking held their first networking event last Friday, on the 5th of November. Professionals from a wide range of industries attended the event, all interested in learning from each other and passing on their knowledge and experience. 

Representatives from auto mechanics to motivational speakers gave insight into their businesses, offering everybody there a chance to learn and connect with them, providing some great opportunities to create new relationships. 

The event kicked off with insightful speeches from OccSafe’s Malcolm, Insurance Web’s Jason, and 4Business Group’s Tom and Josh. Our speakers gave an introduction to 4BG Networking, explaining how it began and the inspiration behind it. They went over how Malcolm, Jason, and Tom had collectively shared a dream about bringing together all of the experts in their networking spheres, to create a powerful source of knowledge and experience from which everybody could tap into. The speakers then gave us a bit about their own personal background and their businesses, providing insight into their success. 

After hearing from our speakers, we moved on to mingling and getting to know each other better. Professionals went between each other, sharing personal stories, experiences, and tips related to their businesses and professional lives. Shortly after, the group gathered to each say something about themselves and their businesses, which gave everyone a chance to expose their brand and their story. The group then went on to engage in some relationship building activities, and the night ended with further mingling and exchanging of details. Mini-meetings were held between those parties interested in striking new deals with each other, and plans were made to continue communication in the future.

Overall, the event was a great success, with all the goals of 4BG Networking reached. The event fostered an environment where new connections could be made, brands and businesses could be exposed, and insight and experience could be shared amongst everyone who attended. We hope that everyone went home with new inspiration and passion to grow their business with the help of their newfound business friends. 

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